Musings on Black Hair in White America

I was all set to rogue out on my neighbors, until I watched NBC’s The Marriage Ref last night.  Today, I’ll rogue out on black people.  Why?  Because they apparently hate their own hair!

The Marriage Ref brings in celebrities to judge who’s right or wrong in marital spats.  Last night, a black woman and her white husband argued over how to manage their biracial daughter’s hair.  The wife, who obviously wore a relaxer, wanted it “tamed.”  The husband wanted it to flow naturally.  He even asked his wife why she wouldn’t wear her hair natural too (as opposed to chemically relaxed).  The celebrity panel consisted of Alexandra Wentworth, Bill Maher, and Patti LaBelle.

The first cringe-worthy thing Patti said was “That child’s hair is NAPPY! You gotta tame it!”  Bill and Alexandra were careful not to say too much, but Bill at least suggested that there was nothing wrong with Black people wearing their hair the way it naturally grows out of their heads.  Patti, who was wearing a wig, couldn’t let that go of course and snapped back that he “aint a black woman.”  She went on about the uses of “grease” for the hair, for the black ashy knees, etc.  Cringe!

Well I am a black woman, so I hope Patti would allow me to speak on the subject . . . .  Continue reading


Message from a Black Housewife in a White Neighborhood

So, here I am.  A professional African-american woman with a great husband and a pretty cool kid.   I managed the whole “career mom” thing for about 15 minutes before throwing in the towel.  Now I’m a housewife.  In the middle of white suburbia.  And I’m going totally rogue on these folks!